Road ID Slim 2 Review

I have been a Road ID fan since I started my running journey a few years ago.

I already own a Road ID Sport and a Shoe ID. The assurance that it offers is incomparable for those that participate in sports alone. It provides life saving and emergency contact information to emergency personnel or first responders quickly. I provide essential information on my Road ID that tells them that I have Marfan Syndrome and makes them aware of my heart issues.

I ordered the Road ID Slim 2 to have a nicer option to wear everyday. They released a rose gold option with leather and pastel color options. Since my latest hospital stay, I’ve just wanted to have some quickly accessible information always available for emergency services. I often wondered…what if I hadn’t been conscious when I entered the hospital? Would they have known that I was at risk for a dissection? This will just give me some peace of mind that my most important information is immediately available.

The Road ID ordering process is painless. They give you pointers on what information to put on your ID. Road ID offers both an interactive and original version. The interactive allows you to put limited information on the ID and then for a $9.99 annual fee, emergency personnel are given a toll free number to call for more information. I prefer the original version, for the fact that it saves them crucial minutes in care.

The Road ID Slim 2 starts at $24.99 and gives you the flexibility to add additional bands for $2.99. The faceplates come in silver, gold, rose gold, black, and others. There is also 18 different band colors to choose from, including leather.

I’m a sucker for rose gold and that was my choice for everyday wear. I had my order within a week and it was carefully packaged. The mailer made me laugh out loud.


The band comes in a nice metal box. I ordered the leather and it comes un-assembled to allow you to cut to your desired length.


I love how slim and unassuming it is and it’s even smaller than my Fitbit Charge 2. Unlike some of the tackier medical alert bracelets, it looks nice for everyday wear. The Slim 2 is well built and looks like it will last me for years to come.

If you would like to order a Road ID, I have a coupon for $5.00 off your order until 5/19. Use this link when ordering, I hope you love it as much as I do and the peace of mind that Road ID offers.

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