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Choose to go natural…deodorant

Who out there uses natural deodorant?

Over the years, I have heard all the bad about regular drugstore deodorants. They are now linking the aluminum to an increased risk for breast cancer. I’ll tell you, I didn’t choose to go natural because of this. I chose to go natural because I felt like I was using far too much deodorant and never felt dry or fresh. I’d tried it all…layering, clinical strength, cheap, expensive. I never felt like it was working the way it should and was constantly reapplying. I never left home without a spare stick of deodorant in my car.

One day, I stumbled upon a YouTube video that rated the top natural deodorants and I thought, “Why not? It couldn’t be any worse than what I have already tried”. The one that I kept seeing as the top rated was Schmidt’s Naturals. So, I trekked to my favorite locally-owned natural grocer and picked up a sample size jar and their newly released, deodorant stick. I must say, it was not love a first use. It worked well enough, but it is a different experience. It takes some getting used to, but I was determined. After all, this stuff wasn’t cheap and everybody said it was the best.

Let’s talk about armpit detox. Yes, this is a thing and it is no joke. All the years of wearing antiperspirant deodorant really does a number on your armpits. The chemicals actually stop you from sweating and wreak havoc. Apparently, you are supposed to sweat. 🙂 Schmidt’s Naturals gives you a little information about detox here. The first day or two were fine, but then it got a little crazy. I was sweating way more than usual and my armpits burned like hell!. It got so bad that my armpits started turning red and the skin was peeling. I did a little reading and found a few tips on how to cope. The one that worked for me? I counteracted the baking soda in Schmidt’s by putting apple cider vinegar on my pits before applying deodorant. Weird, huh? It really works and no, you don’t smell like vinegar. I did this for a about a week, and everything is as it should be. After a few weeks I noticed that I sweat a lot less. I have been using Schmidt’s Naturals for about 6 months now and I couldn’t be happier with how effective this stuff is.


I now have a whole variety of scents for wearing depending on my mood or activity level. I use Rose + Vanilla for my work days, Geranium Flower Sensitive Skin (doesn’t contain baking soda) for weekend shopping, Lavender + Sage for working out or days I’m outside a lot. Schmidt’s has a wide assortment of scents. They have jars and deodorant sticks depending on what style you prefer to use, I found that the sticks are just more convenient. They have also just released new scents in their sensitive skin formula for those that prefer to not use or have a reaction to baking soda. A few of the scents I’m not too fond of, but I know everyone has their favorites. I just updated my subscription to try Jasmine Tea for my next delivery. Jasmine is my all time favorite floral scent and I’m hoping it becomes my new favorite. Schmidt’s Naturals has a handy subscription service that allows you to choose frequency, product, and scents. I get a delivery every 2 months of one product and I love being able to change it on the fly depending on my tastes. I’m glad that I made to switch to natural deodorant and I couldn’t be more happy with Schmidt’s Naturals.

What’s your favorite natural deodorant? Are you thinking of going natural?

Let’s Talk Digestive Enzymes

I have been plagued with stomach problems for years. I have had many tests and talked to many doctors. The stomach cramping and pain has even landed me in the emergency room. I always leave with no definitive answer.

I have struggled with gas, bloating, pain, acid reflux, throwing up, and constipation. The latest diagnosis was IBS-C. I was put on one of the latest medications and a daily dose of Miralax. This did give me some relief, but I am not one that likes taking medicine from big pharmaceuticals. It’s bad enough that I have to take medicine for my heart, but I gladly do that because it keeps me alive.

No offense to anyone that has a legitimate diagnosis of IBS, but I think that the diagnosis is used far too often. It’s like the doctor doesn’t have an answer, so they tell you that you have IBS. But, why do you think I have IBS?

I often turn to my locally owned health food store when I am looking for a better alternative. They have a wonderful lady that has helped me find a natural option on more than one occasion. When I talked it over with her, she suggested a product called Candex from Pure Essence Labs. Candex is recommended for those with an overgrowth of candida, but it doesn’t contain the same ingredients that the other candida cleanses do. This one is just vegetarian digestive enzymes.

Where has this been when I was looking for help? I began taking this product as recommended and I couldn’t believe how well it worked for me. I struggled with the two capsules twice daily dose and only did that until I finished the first bottle. It made me feel like I had the flu. Now I take one capsule twice a day. I have noticed that the bloating was almost nonexistent. My stomach is much flatter now, the regularity has been restored. and I haven’t thrown up since I started this.

i have stopped taking the medication from big pharma for IBS-C and I haven’t had a dose of Miralax again. Who knew that digestive enzymes can have such a big impact? I’m a believer!

Have you had any experience with digestive enzymes?