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Baby Steps Toward Progress

This is my 4th week of exercise after being released to go back to the gym for cardio only. So far, so good. I had a down week last week, but I was still able to make my goal of 3 workout days a week.

Flex it Pink was running a 50 miles in May challenge and I thought there was no way I could do that many miles. You know what? I did it! I wasn’t even counting my miles for May. I just figured I would add them up at the end and if I made it, I made it. I have a tendency to push myself too hard and I didn’t want to risk hurting myself if I try and reach a goal right out of the gate. I was just looking for a little progress.


I finished with a grand total of 72.29 miles! I couldn’t believe it!!! My mileage has slowly been going back up as the doctors were becoming less concerned with my carotid dissection and I was feeling more energetic, but that was an improvement of over 20 miles from April.

Screen Shot 06-01-17 at 03.54 PM
May Miles
Screen Shot 05-31-17 at 09.01 AM 001
April Miles

I consider this to be baby steps. After all, I have been down since September. I remember when I first started CrossFit, I was frustrated that I couldn’t do a box jump. I mean, I couldn’t even do a folded gymnastics pad(half a box). This “white girl” can’t jump. 🙂 My coach told me, “Baby steps. Start where you can and it will get there”. I will never forget that. It’s all going to get me somewhere. I can’t wait to see what June brings.

Flex it Pink May FIP Box

Did you know Flex it Pink has a monthly subscription box? They alternate months with a virtual run. Each month you will either receive a box with the shirt or tank of the month with some goodies or a virtual run kit which includes a shirt or tank and a medal. Here is the schedule for 2017.


The box for May is a beautiful design that they have been showing teasers of for weeks and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! The theme for this month is Princess Warrior.


Everything came in this sweet little box with one of my favorite sayings on it. “She believed she could so she did”, has been my motto for last 7 years or so. Let’s peek inside!


The inside is wrapped in pretty pink tissue paper with a card identifying the month and a little motivator. On the back of the card is a contest that they are running for the month of May for unboxing videos. You can get the details on that here.

Are you ready to see the awesome tank this month? Here it is!

Isn’t it fantastic? When you subscribe, you can choose either a tank or tee. They also give you the flexibility to change your style and/or size by logging into your account and making a quick change. Last month I opted for a tee for the “Girls Run the World” virtual run and this month I chose to go with the tank. I love the saying on the front, “A princess warrior feeds her body well. She trains it. Works on it. Where she lacks knowledge she studies, but above all she must believe. She must believe in her strength, of will, of purpose, of heart and soul.”. Truly inspiring…

Also included in the box was a Honey Stinger Waffle. I have been a Honey Stinger fan for years and use the energy chews while I am running. They saved my butt during my half marathons. I’ve tried the waffles, but I prefer them as a pre-workout snack. This will come in handy. They also included a cute leather bracelet and a purse hanger from Divas Running Series. I have never had the opportunity to run one of those races because there isn’t one near me, but they look like lots of fun. There was also an enclosed coupon for one of the upcoming races.

I really enjoyed May’s box and I can’t wait for June. June will be a virtual run and the theme is “Run for the Heroes”. May is sold out, but you can still register for the virtual run or subscribe to the monthly box and you will automatically receive the virtual run for June as your first box. You can visit their website and get all of the info at https://www.flexitpink.com/.

Here is a teaser for the June box and virtual.


The June virtual goes to support Mission 22, an organization that is raising awareness of veteran suicide. Join them in their mission or sign up for the June virtual run with Flex it Pink.